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"OptKit has enterprise-grade targeting that let’s you serve automated real-time campaigns to different visitor segments."
- Jordan Coeyman (Founder of SendGrowth)

Target by Geo-location

Only display your marketing message to people within a specific geographic location.

Easy Timing Settings

Run your promotion only certain times of the day, for logistic reasons or to create scarcity for any campaign.

Double Step Opt-In

Choose to use a single or double step opt in form, for your popups.

Frequently Asked Questions

OptKit is a tool that helps you make your website have smart popups as call-to-actions. These are highly customizable, and very dynamic widgets that will give you ways to improve your conversion rate.
Because the average bounce rate for a website is over 80%. That means you only have so many chances to deliver value to your prospect. There is a scientific term called "Effective Frequency" that also explains how important it is to reach your market as many times as possible to be effective.
The truth is, not every website visitor is your ideal customer. If you put something valuable in front of your ideal customers, they will opt in. It's as simple as that.
We have settings that allow you to display the popup only rarely for frequent visitors.
You start by Creating a kit. Then, once you are logged in and on your main home page, you will see a button for "Get Code". Click this and a popup will appear. Copy and paste this directly into any page you want your Kit to appear on.
Send me an email Jordan@OptKit.com and I will gladly help you install it on any platform. I will even take care of installing it for you, if you don't know how. Need help telling your developers what to do? Just send them to this home page with your code, and they will understand.
No, not specifically. OptKit is made to optimize the amount of traffic you are currently getting, through all of your marketing channels. We have several expert partners in all areas of marketing, and also offer professional consulting services for businesses in need. We are experts in organic search marketing, and paid advertising.
That is going to depend on too many factors to give you a simple answer. OptKit has in the past been most successful for businesses who needed a way to engage ALL of their marketing channels, not just one of them. By being able to target every single visitor who is about to bounce off the page, messages have a much higher impression and conversion rate.
Truly any type of website that wants to start improving conversions should be using OptKit, or a tool similar to it. Typically, the types of businesses that have the most success are the ones that have a higher lifetime value for their customers. Dentists, doctors, chiropractors, coaches, consultants.. All of these are good examples of businesses that need a tool like OptKit in their arsenal.

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