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Real-time behavior triggered Call-To-Actions that engage and delight your visitors.

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Turn your website visitors into buyers and subscribers.

Create data-driven campaigns that convert visitors with 1-click.

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A lightweight tool with a singular focus.

It's everything you need to craft unique and personal experiences that delight your visitors. It's flexible because it will work with your systems and workflow, and powerful because of the dramatic & immediate lift it can make.
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"We have been working with OptKit for over a year and it has been key to a remarkable 50% increase in our leads. In addition they have an excellent technical support that solves our needs punctually". -SalesUp

Responsive & customizable visual canvas.
Install forms and banners on any website, any platform.

You have complete control and creative freedom to craft the perfect experience. From the visual aspects to the technical aspects.

By default everything you create is flexible or responsive. And that means all designs to be cross-screen enabled all the time.

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Realtime & reliable backend.
Connect your conversion data anywhere.

Your Kits come with real-time behavior monitoring and tracking. Broadcast push notifications in real-time, and your data is always updated in real-time. It works across all browsers, all devices, and does not trigger ad-blockers.

Send your form data to your backend, or connect it with hundreds of other services:

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Open Template Directory.
We're on a mission to build a database of Kits for you.

Our Template directory is always growing, thanks to some awesome contributors and team members. You'll find Kits of all shapes, sizes, and use-cases that will spur your creative mind.

Have an idea you for a Template? Try creating it yourself and submitting it to the Galley yourself. Or putting in a request for an OptKit team member to help you.
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Get better results on any website.
A growth hack (that isn't a hack).

Do you need to improve conversions across more than one website? We offer unlimited Websites, and you can even use the same Kit across any number of them. White label features are perfect if you want to hide OptKit's branding. Deliver personalized content on-demand.

Run ads? Do CRO? Build lists for clients? Need a bigger list yourself? You need this tool. Test your latest copy drafts, and discover new variations that deliver a positive lift in any stage of your customers journey.

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