How To: Blur The Background Of A Pop-up

6 Apr
See An Example (and subscribe to our blog) Be Careful.. this is pretty annoying to end-users if used in the wrong context. Done right, it can help focus a users attention to something that you really want them to see. Make...
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How To Re-Create Your Favorite Opt-In or Pop-up

4 Apr
Opt-In Pop-Up's
You’ve probably seen pop-up’s on almost every website that you’ve visited in the past 24 hours. This is not a coincidence – SaaS startups, Enterprise sites, e-commerce sites and every organization in between all have one thing in common: they want...
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Now Testing OptKit v3.0

1 Apr
No.. This isn’t an April Fool’s joke! We all have that one problem in common: we all need better converting websites… but it’s hard to find the right tool that suits your specific needs. That became very obvious as I...
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OptKit v3.0 Coming Out Soon

16 Feb
Just stopping by the blog for a quick update (in well over a year).. I’ve been extremely busy talking to customers, scaling out the backend, and preparing for the new version. I’ll update this post shortly with some screenshots… Cheers!...
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What is Exit-Intent detection?

14 Jan
Skim this post to become a quick expert. Exit intent detection is the term used when client side technology appears to track your web visitors “intention”. It’s often used in conjunction with a targeted marketing message, sometimes in a form of...
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