How To Use OptKit and ConvertKit Together

2 Jun

ConvertKit is a marketing automation platform for bloggers, that seems to be blowing up lately. I’ve been following it since it’s inception, as I’ve been a fan of Nathan’s for a long time.

Today I’m happy to announce that you can use OptKit’s advanced form builder and logic to replace ConvertKit’s forms!

ConvertKit makes it easy to customize forms too, instead of using their form builder.

But for those users who want to utilize the complex Rules, Triggers, and design capabilities of their Call-To-Action’s, this integration makes a lot of sense.

Here is a quick video showing you how to integrate your ConvertKit API and Form ID into OptKit’s Action tab:

OptKit and ConvertKit work very well together for a few reasons:

1) OptKit focuses on the “during”, ConvertKit helps you manage the “after”.

OptKit’s focus is the the moment you opt-in or click-through on a call to action. ConvertKit is software that makes it easy to scale and automate the communication with people after they’ve opt-ed in.

You can broadcast messages, or do intricate sequences for individuals based on their behavior. Automations within the platform make complex logic much simpler to do.

2) Enhance the functionality of both tools with very little risk.

OptKit is free to use on any number of websites, up to 1,000 visitors per month. ConvertKit starts at $29/mo.

Click here to get started with ConvertKit, and click here to get started with OptKit.

That means you can run an entire marketing automation engine with 2 tools and less than thirty bucks per month. Not too shabby?

It’s easy to integrate, and you’ll easily see how these two tools can work very well together.


Some ways you can use them together:

  • Hide your opt-in forms to those who have already subscribed (using OptKit’s Rule engine)
  • Hide your opt-in forms to those who close the forms, but only for 1 hour.
  • Hide your opt-in forms for those who click from a link within a ConvertKit Sequence email (using a custom variable on your URL like
  • Display custom Forms and Call-To-Actions to first time visitors
  • Display custom Forms and Call-To-Actions to people who have seen 10+ pages of content on your page
  • Segment visitors into lists based on device, location, or browsing time.
  • Run real-time contests and limited offers for your audience
  • … endless combinations of other ways too!

How to write awesome sequence / drip emails:

You can find some more information in our documentation here as well.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us over email or Twitter.


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