Integrating OptKit with HubSpot

4 Jun

HubSpot is an inbound marketing software platform that helps you attract website visitors, convert leads, and close customers.

OptKit is a very useful integration for HubSpot users, because it can give you extra functionality that HubSpot forms don’t naturally have.

You can either use HubSpot’s form builder, and copy/paste their code snippet into a OptKit content block, or you can use OptKit to build your form.

If you want to utilize OptKit’s conversion tracking, you will want to use OptKit’s form builder. This way, you can track the number of conversions in both OptKit and HubSpot for quality assurance.


2 reasons why HubSpot users should add OptKit to their marketing stack:

  1. Give you easier ways to create segmented lists by on-website behavior. You’d normally have to hire a developer, or bother someone on your team who can implement your creative ideas. You don’t need a coder to do complex logic of who to display opt-in forms to, and why.
  2. One install code and your done. HubSpot you have to bug your developer to make an addition to your code. OptKit can inject anywhere on your visitors screen, embed into any section of your website, no matter what page they are on. No website modifications needed.

How to programmatically connect with HubSpot

  1. Create your HubSpot and OptKit accounts.
  2. Create a HubSpot form.
  3. Grab your Portal ID and your Form ID from HubSpot (we’re essentially just creating a custom HTML form that posts your data to HubSpot).
    Grab your Form ID from the URL, while editing it. It looks something like this:
    The longer unique ID near the end (6a4da586-9732-45aa-97db-ca93438fc3ce) is the Form ID
  4. Create then Edit your Kit to your campaign.
  5. Add your Portal ID and Form ID into the Integrations section:
  6. Be sure to adjust your OptKit form to have the fields named correctly. An email field named ‘email’, is required. The other fields are firstname and lastname


See more in our documentation here.


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