OptKit and Facebook Retargeting Pixels are a perfect match for eachother

21 Jan

By using OptKit in combination with your Facebook Retargeting efforts, you can do some extremely fancy and useful things.


What is a Facebook Custom Audience?

Creating Custom Audiences from your websites data is a way to reach your customers on Facebook.

Using a “retargeting pixel”, you can reach people who have recently visited your website and deliver them highly relevant ads based on interest they express in your products.

This is extremely useful if you’re tasked with re-engaging recent website visitors by delivering highly relevant messages, trying to get more registrations for your service, or driving traffic back to a particular page.

It’s an easy and great way to drive potential customers who have already been engaged once back to your website.


How can OptKit help me make creating Audiences?

It helps you segment your Audience with fine-tuned precision.

The Custom Audience pixel is normally activated every time someone opens a webpage where the code is installed. OptKit helps you by making it easier to display this code to who you want.

By placing the retargeting code on the Content section of your Kit’s, this allows you to only display pixels to individuals who trigger the Kit.

So you can use the Triggering + Targeting sections in combination to help build a specific list of people, depending on your business needs.

Segment your audiences even finer by:

  1. Page settings (what page they are on)
  2. Cookie settings (how many times have they seen this particular Kit)
  3. Timing (you can create different lists for your early morning e-shoppers for example)
  4. Visit Frequency (how many times they’ve been to your site that OptKit has tracked)
  5. Referrer (depending on what website sent them to your site)
  6. Device (either Phone, Tablet or Desktop’s are detected, and you can include or exclude any of them)
  7. Geo (depending on where your visitors are located based on IP)
  8. Conversion (if an individual has converted with this Kit in the past)

Are you looking to retarget those individuals who first came to your website on a mobile phone? Easy. Place the Facebook code on the content for phones using the code editor.

Are you looking to build separated retarget lists who were engaged depending on their geographic location? Time of day? How many pages they have seen previously? Easy.

You don’t need to bug your developer for a new code change every so often. Once and done.

OptKit can help non-coders easily switch Facebook retargeting pixels in-and-out, without the developers help. Install OptKit once across your web pages, then you’re ready to create your Audiences on Facebook with OptKit.

 How to set up

  • Have an OptKit account, with a website set up. Create your first (or modify an existing) Kit. Click here to register, it’s free for live on 1 website.
  • Grab your Facebook Retargeting code when you build a custom audience  Here’s Facebook’s official help document
  • Install the code on with the Kit Editor
  • Your pixel will fire when your Kit has is triggered!

 What does this mean?

You can now use OptKit to help you build behavioral based custom audiences for Facebook Ad’s, without bothering your developer.

Oh yeah, this feature is 100% free to all users!


– Jordan Coeyman (Founder)
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