OptKit now has Live Chat & Reporting functionality

12 Oct

You are now able to see how your Kit’s are performing as data is collected. I am still working on porting in the few million old documents into your accounts, so forgive me while your past data is unavailable.

It’s extremely basic right now, but it gives you the most important pieces of data when it comes to understanding how your conversion rate is doing.


Live Chat functionality has also been added to every single level of account, even Free. That means you can now Live Chat with your website visitors in real time. It’s very unpolished right now, bt over time you can expect that it’s going to become much more elegant, functional, and feature rich.



You have the ability to use the JavaScript API for a limited number of options right now, but this will expand (and documentation is coming as well). You can open a chat with a simple “onclick” function, and you can also pre-fill a users Name, Email, and Unique-ID — this is a great tool to use for websites who want to service their already registered members.

There’s a handy “Away Message” feature that I personally have found incredibly useful. The amount of feedback I get through that message box (from the Homepage, and within OptKit’s dashboard) is absolutely priceless.

– Jordan Coeyman (Founder)
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