OptKit v2.1

16 Sep

Hey everyone.. just dropping a small update to the blog.

I’ve been very busy talking to users, fixing bugs, and adding features, and there are just a few updates that have been rolled out recently:

  1. Major backend fixes. For the first week, my servers did not feel like handling the load that was coming. With peaks of ~1,000 people concurrently using the OptKit system, things got a little overloaded. I was able to debug a lot of small memory leaks, and sort out some bottlenecks. v2.1 loads about 4x’s faster now, and even more durable + reliable.
  2. Weather targeting / data has taken a temporary hiatus, until we can sort out the issues with the data provider. We ended up using way too much data, and there may be a conflict of interest too. I assure everyone weather data will be coming back, because I believe it’s such an important tool into understanding the psychology of your website visitors.
  3. MailChimp integration is now live. Check out this short video to see how to set it up:
  4. Live Chat is on the way.. You will be able to tie your Kit’s together and trigger a chat, which you will be able to respond from immediately. Over time more features will be added (multiple chat admins, and native mobile apps to respond on the go, for example).
  5. Reporting and Analytics are still on the way too. I feel terrible that I’m hoarding all of your data, for now. The simple and actionable analytics that I’ve been collecting for all of your kits is being preserved, and you will be able to see the data on all of it soon, I promise. I see the reporting features as a hugely important piece to the entire puzzle that is OptKit, so I have to be sure to get the path started in the right way. It won’t be graphically WOW, because that is useless. It will be simple numbers, easy to understand, and easy to draw tactical conclusions from.
– Jordan Coeyman (Founder)
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