OptKit version 2.0

27 Aug
OptKit v2.0 is being released today, and I’m excited to tell you about the new features that are included.

 Version 1.0 was a free product, which had a certain set of features that made it comparable to lots of other services, maybe with a few twists. I launched v1.0 over 8 months ago now, and it has not been any kind of explosive growth, as you can imagine. It’s hard to stand out in a crowded market place with lots of incredible competition.

With emphasis on the popular conversion rate optimization technique known as “exit-intent”, also a focus on the mobile experience, version 1.0 allowed me to do one thing that was really incredible. I got a taste of what it was like to provide value for lots of people, and I want more. I started talking with the users immediately, monitoring how they are using it extensively.. and almost immediately I scrapped 100% of the code and started re-writing it from scratch.

Now v2.0 is sitting on top of a highly available cluster of servers, which have nearly endless capabilities to add on mind-blowing features in the next coming months. Some of the technology in the new stack: HAProxy, Socket.io, redis, node.js/express.js, RabbitMQ, and MongoDB. OptKit now is built with zero jQuery dependency, which was one of the main issues with v1.0 users.

This is the smallest version of what is going to become the most comprehensive conversion rate optimization software that exists.

I fell in love with conversion rate optimization once I realized it’s like magic. It’s a perfect culmination of psychology, technology, and providing value to the world, in my opinion. The ability to provide more of whatever a business needs (clients, customers, purchases, email subscribers, donations, etc.) is the bottom line.

OptKit v2.0

OptKit 2.0 comes with a shiny new logo too…

The focus of a OptKit is the precise intersection of human psychology  and technology. For example, there is a scientific term called “Effective Frequency” that also explains how important it is to reach your market as many times as possible to be effective. OptKit have features that specifically help you tap into this psychological principle, without having to code.

I believe in a certain type of product that needs to exist in this world, and OptKit v2.0 is one step closer to that. To quickly summarize most of the new features that are included in v2.0:

  1. Smart behavioral based triggers for desktop (on exit, on scroll, on click, on hover) and mobile (on arrival, on scroll, on tap, on device rotate, on swipe left swipe right)
  2. Goals are defined as either click through, or a form. Can email or POST form data anywhere. A single step or double step flow is available.
  3. Fully customizable design, input images from your own server (image upload coming down the road)– including 3 new options. Top bar, banner, or popup.
  4. Unique content for each screen size (desktop, tablets, phones) — making the design even more responsive than our competition
  5. A unique re-engaging tab (can be turned on/off)
  6. 9+ layers of segmentation / targeting available:A real-time broadcasting system. With the push of a button, send a message to everyone on your site instantly.
    • Include/exclude any page on your site
    • Set a cookie for X number of hours, so you can display your message again
    • Set the visit requirement at X, so you can talk to first time users or highly engaged users (known as Frequency targeting)
    • Target by including/exclude any referrer (facebook, twitter, or google for example)
    • Target by include/exclude any device (desktops, tablets, phones)
    • Target by any weather or temperature (you can run “rainy day discounts” for example)
  7. Ability to place multiple kits on pages, so you can have different calls to actions, or several reminders of a single one. You can mix/match. (comes as paid upgrade)
  8. Ability to split test any kit  (comes as paid upgrade)
  9. Reporting is still under way, this will be released about a week after all of the above**

Please note that for the time being, reporting features are completely disabled. That means you can start using OptKit freely and testing it on your sites. I apologize that everything is not in place yet, but I do assure you the most essential pieces will be coming quickly.

If OptKit doesn’t make you wriggle with excitement, maybe one of these well-established solutions will be what you are looking for. I’ll see you sometime in the future.

– Jordan Coeyman (Founder)
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