What is Exit-Intent detection?

14 Jan
Skim this post to become a quick expert. Exit intent detection is the term used when client side technology appears to track your web visitors “intention”. It’s often used in conjunction with a targeted marketing message, sometimes in a form of...
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OptKit has tracked over 1,000,000 website visits!

25 Sep
It’s official! OptKit is still standing! Over 9+ months, starting with just a trickle of traffic from my own websites and client’s websites.. 1,080,501 recorded hits generated by 437 registered users, 140 installed Kit’s as of Thursday, Sept 25 2014....
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OptKit v2.1

16 Sep
Hey everyone.. just dropping a small update to the blog. I’m loving the new @OptKit interface — can’t wait to test their new segmentation and targeting options for #CRO #Marketing #KillinIt — Zach Edwards (@thezedwards) September 12, 2014 I’ve been...
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OptKit version 2.0

27 Aug
OptKit v2.0 is being released today, and I’m excited to tell you about the new features that are included. @OptKit The new features list makes it scary powerful. Awesome possibilities. Some smart marketers are going to make a fortune using OptKit....
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