Real-time multi-channel personalization has never been easier

20 Jan

I know, I know, the title has a lot of buzz words in it..

But today I am releasing a new personalization feature that is really exciting.

You have the ability to easily create multiple dynamic personalizations per Kit or Page

Instead of trying to explain it, since it’s still a very early feature, I’d like to attempt to show you. Here is a picture of the new Personalization tab within OptKit:

OptKit Real-Time Personalization

You have the ability to dynamically change content, independent of the Kit’s targeting options:

  • Pages- What page your users are on (or aren’t)
  • Cookie- How many times OptKit has tracked a pageview from an individual
  • Time- In between a time frame (or outside of one) — specific to a timezone
  • Visit Frequency- The number of times a visitor has seen the active Kit
  • Referrer- where they came from (based on exact url, partial match, or blacklist a referrer)
  • Device- Depending what type of device (phone, tablet, desktop) they are on or not.
  • Geographic Location- depending if your visitor is within a radius of a location, or outside of that radius.
  • Conversion- If a person has converted with this Kit, or not


It’s easier to see it in action.. Check it out here:

Coming in the future:

  • Ability to push updates to your personalizations via API (things like Zapier, IFTTT, or your system)
  • Better user-interface and experience

Let me know what you think.


– Jordan Coeyman (Founder)
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