Build smart Call-To-Actions

Instead of basic popup software, OptKit gives you a flexible platform to personalize & fine-tune your visitors user-experience in real-time.

1 A conversion focused platform
Create trackable opt-in forms and click-through banners.

  • ✓ Templates to get started in seconds.
  • ✓ A Creative canvas you can add or remove anything to.
  • ✓ Complex rule engine over who sees your Kits.
  • ✓ Inject custom code at any stage of the event loop.
  • ✓ Trigger Impressions based on visitor behavior.
  • ✓ Exit-intent, pop-ups, embedded top bars, welcome mats, you name it, OptKit can do it.
  • ✓ Connect your conversion data anywhere.
  • ✓ Simple Javascript client API to connect with your backend.
  • ✓ Scale Kits across multiple domains.
  • ✓ Geo targeting, device targeting, referral targeting, and a ton more.

2 Full creative control & unrestricted usage
Every account comes with Unlimited Websites and Kits.

  • ✓ Easy to set up on any website.
  • ✓ Works with all CMS and web platforms.
  • ✓ Fully reliable backend that auto-scales.
  • ✓ Plays nicely with other CRO tools.
  • ✓ Free to get started, up 1,000 visitors per month.
  • ✓ Great for people or businesses with multiple websites.
  • ✓ Completely unbranded (even the free version) to your visitors.
  • ✓ Great as an up-sell service for CRO's, agencies, and freelancers.
  • ✓ White label features like a custom domain & logo

3 Ability to make a meaningful impact
The quickest way to make any website more effective.

  • ✓ Track the value of a conversion.
  • ✓ Trigger options so you can perfectly time your messaging.
  • ✓ A comprehensive Rule engine to segment and pinpoint your message.
  • ✓ Submit your own favorite Kits to the Template Directory.
  • ✓ Can help you pull more profit from your Advertising and Marketing efforts.
  • ✓ Realtime literally and metaphorically. Built on websockets, and it works immediately.
  • ✓ Create multi-screen campaigns that engage.
  • ✓ Generate more phone calls for local businesses.
  • ✓ Onpage retargeting, scroll triggers, notification bars, promos, giveaways.. Anything!

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