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What do I get?

Unlimited number of: Websites, Kits, Impressions, Conversions & Virtual High Fives. Manage 1 or 500 website conversion campaigns, all under one account.

What is support like?

We're dedicated, responsive, and pretty nice people. We respond via phone, email, SMS, Slack, Facebook, or any medium you'd like to contact us on. This isn't just a hobby, it's a mission.

How do I pay?

Everyone starts off on the Free plan to get started, and upgrades to a monthly or yearly plan when ready. You can upgrade and downgrade yourself, depending on the amount of traffic you want to optimize.

What is a Kit?

It's what we call a Call-To-Action made with OptKit. It's like a normal banner ad, or html form, with magical powers (that won't set off ad blockers).

Do you offer white label features?

Yes, paid users can whitelabel the OptKit dashboard. You can use a custom domain or subdomain through a dns CNAME record. As well as set a custom logo for those branded URL's.

Done-for-you Services

We offer conversion rate optimization services for larger businesses, or those without a dedicated staff to handle CRO. Contact us if this is you.

What is a Hit?

Each website visit produces Hits across your Websites and Kits. We only count Hits against your monthly quota that pass bot inspection, and interact with our backend. This allows you to create mini-marketing funnels through-out their buying cycle.

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